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She began her entrepreneurial life in her mid teens. Since then she has constantly galloped from one horizon to another in pursuit of new challenges and conquests. She is a first-generation entrepreneur. A brilliant blend of talent, dynamism and uncompromising integrity. Despite being a Management Professor, Marketing & Branding expert Fauzia chose to be a film maker in the phase 3 of her professional career. She is a prominent figure in the Indian film industry.

Now the time has come for her to make her dream true. She is prepared to take her Airline in the sky.
Her command over the social-economic dynamics, makes many business houses seek her counsel in their planning. Fauzia is highly qualified academically with MBA, LL.B, M.Com, M.Lit, MJMC, PGDCA. B. Muse in her merit. She is a fine artist, a painter and a guitarist. She has authored a book on International Marketing Management read by student across Indian universities and many books on socio-economical , motivational subjects. She has 28 years of entrepreneurial experience. She is an exceptionally brilliant management expert. At present, she lives in Mumbai.

" The destination itself waits for those who do not take the route of destiny "


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